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Making Human-Like AI Reality

Cloud AI bot for everyone is a definite future.
It is more than a virtual assistant or a digital companion. It is both …… and all.
Libgirl bot will be your virtual assistant, your digital companion, AND your whole life mentor.

What is Human-Like AI?

  • Can understand and use human language fluently
  • Can learn new abilities independently
  • Applicable to human society

What ISN’T Human-Like AI?

  • Human-Like AI is not a limited field application, such as AlphaGo, Siri, self-driving cars, etc.
  • Human-Like AI is not a technical component of some artificial intelligence, such as: neural network, deep learning, machine learning.
  • Compared with a single technical component, complete system integration and machine training are more difficult issues.

World Human-Like AI Development

This field is generally called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), or Strong AI, which is the ultimate goal of AI development. Currently, there are only 50 research projects or companies developing AGI in the world, of which only 20 are commercial companies, led by Google ‘s DeepMind. In Asia, there are only five commercial companies: China’s Baidu, Tencent, North Star, Hong Kong’s Real AI, and we——Libgirl Co., Ltd., in Taiwan.


As inter-individual problem solving requires relationship building,
current task-oriented bots lacks of social skills like small talk.
As pure relationship building is not productive,
users have limited reasons to continue the use of relationship-oriented bots.


Observing from our real user-bot dialogues,
we found that bot individual users, in contrast to business users, want machine interactions .

Libgirl Bot is a conversational cloud AI bot
distinguishing between task-oriented context and relationship-oriented context
natively in its conversational neural network model.

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